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Waterproofing Your Home

Building waterproofing is a process which is designed to prevent water from penetrating a building. Usually extensive waterproofing measures are added to a building at the time of construction, to provide moisture control from the start, and waterproofing may also be done after a building is built, to address problems as they emerge or as part of a building retrofit. Waterproofing is critical, for a number of reasons, and many contractors around the world specialize in building waterproofing, providing maintenance, restoration, and new construction services.

From the point of view of its occupants, building waterproofing is important because it keeps a building dry. It also reduces internal humidity, making a building more comfortable to work in and protecting objects inside the building from damage as a result of humidity or water exposure. However, building waterproofing is also important to the integrity of the building itself.

Water damage can be a serious issue in a structure. With water comes mold and a host of other problems which can undermine foundations, make conditions in the building unsafe, and damage property inside the building. Wooden buildings can suffer rapid decay from water exposure, but water penetration can also damage concrete and other building materials, especially in cold climates where water may freeze and cause cracks. Insufficient waterproofing can be a problem year round, not just during the rainy season.

waterproofing your home

How to Make Your Impact Doors and Windows Waterproof

water proof home

Impact doors and windows are a necessity for homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas like Florida. These specialty products provide superior protection from strong wind and airborne debris. They can also help protect a building from water damage, thanks to bucking. When you schedule impact door or impact window installation in West Palm Beach, FL, you should ask the technician about the effectiveness of the bucking material for waterproofing your home.

Defining Window and Door Bucks

Window and door bucks are often referred to as the framing or the buck frame. They provide the structure to hold the window in place within the rough opening in the wall. The primary purposes of a buck, other than to keep the window securely in its proper position, are to insulate the home and protect it from water damage. In many cases, the installation of a new window only involves the removal of the old glass, sash, and track. The buck frame usually stays in place. However, when it’s time to upgrade to impact windows and doors, it’s a worthwhile investment to upgrade the buck frame as well.

Choosing a Bucking Material

Old bucking material is often made from wood. Wood can be treated to resist water damage, but it’s generally regarded as less effective than vinyl bucking. Vinyl bucks are cost-effective, insulate better than wood, and don’t require a complicated installation process. Replacing the old window buck instead of leaving it in place is still more of an investment in time and money, but when it comes to resisting hurricane damage, homeowners shouldn’t cut corners.

Implementing Other Weatherproofing Strategies

No matter how strong your impact windows are and how watertight your bucks are, your home can still sustain significant damage from a hurricane unless you take appropriate steps to protect it. Consider having a contractor inspect your home for hurricane readiness. He or she should check for the following:

Longtime Florida homeowners are accustomed to threats from extreme weather, but it can be dangerous to become complacent. No matter how much you’ve upgraded your home, do pay attention to evacuation warnings.